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At North County Scuba Center we offer certifications for Public Safety Organizations. Our instructional staff has worked to train the dive teams for the following agencies:

Fire Department New York
New York Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Del Mar City Lifeguards
Rhode Island State Police
Dallas Fire
Dallas Metro Police
Miami-Dade Sheriff
Broward County Sheriff
Chicago Fire Department
Solana Beach Fire & Marine Safety
Department of Homeland Security/Borestar
NOAA Police
Encinitas Lifeguards Marine Safety
Utah State Police
San Diego City Fire/Lifeguard Rescue
San Diego Sheriffs Dept.
Florida State Police
Colorado State Police
Pitkin County Sheriffs/Aspen Police Dept
LA City Fire
LA County Fire
Riverside County Fire
Riverside County Sheriffs
Los Angeles PD
Nebraska State Police
Maine Fish & Game Wardens
New Hampshire Fish & Game Wardens
Maine State Police
New Hampshire State Police
California Fish & Game Wardens
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Game Wardens
Alaska State Police
Alaska Fish & Game Wardens

We have extensive experience not only in training but also actual incident response. We bring real world experience to the training of your agency divers. Beyond just training courses such as Search and Recovery and Investigation Techniques we can also consult to review your SOP and Training Documentation. In addition to this we can provide equipment consultation and sales.

Search and Recovery $800 + Cert Fees
Stress and Rescue $500 + Cert Fees
Downed Aircraft/Vessel Documentation Video Only $800 + Cert Fees
Downed Aircraft/Vessel Gear Recovery Salvage $800 + Cert Fees
DPV Diver $475 + Cert Fees
Nitrox/Mixed Gas Diver $375 + Cert Fees
Public Safety Equipment Specialist $300
Investigation/Tactics $300 + Books
Vessel Sinking Recovery $500
Car and Truck Recovery $500